Hand Sanitiser Offer for Launceston General Hospital Staff (ICU/4K/5B/Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy) – from Turner Stillhouse (Tasmanian craft spirits distillery) 

Thank you: As special thanks to the amazing LGH staff, we wanted to offer our hand sanitiser for personal use (outside work) at a discount.  Our hand sanitiser is based on the WHO formula and is 80% alc/vol.

Special Offer:

  • Hand Sanitiser Only: $17.00 per 500ml bottle. Orders are limited to 3 bottles per order.
  • Three Cuts Gin + Hand Sanitiser Gift Pack: $88.00 for our award-winning Three Cuts Gin (Founder’s Release) 700ml + Hand Sanitiser 500ml.

Important Information:

  • Turner Stillhouse’s hand sanitiser is based on the WHO formula and is for personal or domestic use.  It is limited to Launceston General Hospital staff only (departments currently participating listed in drop down below).
  • Orders must be completed by close of business (5pm) Monday 27th, April (batch 1) or Thursday 30th, April (batch 2).
  • Despatch will occur on 28th April and 1st May (batches 1 and 2), and each will be sent in one combined order to the hospital for distribution within your respective department.
  • In order to release this quickly to market, we have not added any essential oils or perfumes.  So have fun adding your own, or just know it will be a simple hand sanitiser (made from ethanol, glycerine, hydrogen peroxide and water).  It is a liquid (not gel) composition and best decanted into spray bottles or pump bottles.

Bulk Purchase Enquiries: Please email: info@turnerstillhouse.com