Hand Sanitiser Offer for Royal Melbourne ICU Staff – from Turner Stillhouse (Tasmanian craft spirits distillery) 

Thank you: As special thanks to the amazing ICU staff, we wanted to offer our hand sanitiser for personal use (outside work) at a discount.  Our hand sanitiser is based on the WHO formula and is 80% alc/vol.

Special Offer:

  • Hand Sanitiser Only: $17.00 per 500ml bottle. Orders are limited to 3 bottles per order.
  • Three Cuts Gin + Hand Sanitiser Gift Pack: $88.00 for our award-winning Three Cuts Gin (Founder’s Release) 700ml + Hand Sanitiser 500ml.

Important Information:

  • Turner Stillhouse’s hand sanitiser is based on the WHO formula and is for personal or domestic use.  It is limited to Royal Melbourne ICU staff only.
  • Orders must be completed by close of business (3pm) Wednesday, 8th April (batch 1 shipment); or Tuesday, 14th April (batch 2 shipment).
  • Despatch will occur on 9 April and 15 April (batch 1 or 2), and will be sent in one combined order to the hospital (estimated 5 day delivery).
  • In order to release this quickly to market, we have not added any essential oils or perfumes.  So have fun adding your own, or just know it will be a simple hand sanitiser (made from ethanol, glycerine, hydrogen peroxide and water).  It is a liquid (not gel) composition and best decanted into spray bottles or pump bottles.

Bulk Purchase Enquiries: Please email: info@turnerstillhouse.com