Hand Sanitiser Offer for the Australian General Public and Company Bulk Pricing

Our Tasmanian hand sanitiser is 70% alcohol and produced at our distillery in Northern Tasmania.

Important Information for General Public:

  • Turner Stillhouse’s hand sanitiser is for personal or domestic use.
  • Pricing: 50ml: $4.99  /  500ml: $16.99  (see below for bulk purchase order info)
  • Available for purchase at the distillery or shipped to you via website order.
  • It is a liquid (not gel) composition and best decanted into spray bottles or pump bottles.  In order to release this quickly to market we have not added any essential oils/fragrances.

Bulk Purchase for Companies, Schools, Hospitality and Others:

  • We now offer custom made No Touch Hand Sanitiser stations that can be personalised with your business logo.
  • Bulk orders have significantly reduced pricing.  Available in 5 litre, 10 litre, 15 litre, or 20 litre sizes.

Hand Sanitising Station Floor Stand – Purchase Enquiries

  • Please contact us for pricing information on our sanitisation floor stands

For further information please email: info@turnerstillhouse.com


Free Shipping for Orders over $100.